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Title: Ottuv slovnik naucny na tle czeskiej tradycji leksykograficznej : encyklopedia - twórcy - język
Authors: Tkaczewski, Dariusz
Keywords: Słownik naukowy Otty; Jan Otto
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: Ottův slovník naučný [J. Otto’s Scientific Dictionary] (OSN, 1888–1909) and its continuation – the unfinished Ottův slovník naučný nové doby [J. Otto’s Scientific Dictionary of the New Era] (OSNND, 1930–1943) is one of the most prominent works of not only Czech and Czechoslovak encyclopaedic lexicography, but also an outstanding lexicographic enterprise of modern European encyclopaedic studies. At the same time, it is also “the mother of all books” or a master book not only for almost every educated Czech who reaches for it while seeking or verifying his or her own knowledge, but also for each Slavist – and especially so for a Czech, Slovak or even Polish philologist. This book is an item which cannot be missing from any reference library, as not many nations can pride themselves on such a multidimensional and reliable source of knowledge about the Slavs and (not only) Slavonic Europe at the turn of the 19th and 20th century and in the interwar period. The author of this study considers it to be not only a “national Czech encyclopaedia”, but also a precious lexicographic work documenting the state of the Czech language of that time which was so deeply influenced by the magnificent Slavic and Czech National Revival at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. This book, dedicated to Czech encyclopaedic traditions and Jan Otto’s Scientific Dictionary, consists of six parts: an introduction, 4 substantive parts (or chapters) and an ending which comprises a summary and conclusions. In the first chapter entitled Prologue the author mentions the conceptual apparatus and lexicographic terminology which he will use throughout the book, gives definitions of a dictionary and an encyclopaedia (lexicon) and then enlarges in detail on what characterises encyclopaedia as a specific kind of dictionary. In the same chapter one can also find an outline of European encyclopaedic studies with special emphasis laid on Slavonic input, as well as a table which systemises the greatest national encyclopaedias. The second chapter entitled Czech and Czechoslovak Encyclopaedic Works forms a historic survey of lexicographic traditions of this kind on Czech soil, dividing it into three eras: 1) encyclopaedic works until the 18th century, 2) modern Czech and Czechoslovak encyclopaedic studies of the 19th and 20th century, 3) contemporary Czech encyclopaedias. In each subchapter the author elaborates on the most significant publications of this kind and gives characteristics of the Czech Wikipedia, comparing it to its Polish equivalents. He also quotes some statistics concerning these lexicons. The third chapter entitled Ottův slovník naučný as a Czech national encyclopaedia is entirely devoted to this particular work, its authors and relevant titbits of knowledge; it describes the principles and history of this momentous encyclopaedic project, its two subsequent editions (OSN and OSNND) and the difficult time OSNND went through during World War II (Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia) and right after it. Finally, the chapter characterises the importance of the dictionary to Czech intellectual culture. The forth chapter of the monograph entitled Lexicographic and Linguistic Characteristics of OSN and OSNND gives a description of the dictionaries with special emphasis put on the macro‑and microstructure of J. Otto’s Scientific Dictionary and Slavic idioms (loanwords from other Slavic languages); here one can also find some information relative to the historical, linguistic and sociolinguistic background which influenced OSN and OSNND, as well as the stylistic characteristics of the work. The last part, Summary and Conclusions, concisely encapsulates the author’s research. The monograph ends with supplementary, technical and illustrative annotations: a bibliography, a Czech and English summary and an appendix containing illustrations (photos, scans and duplicates of original documents).
ISBN: 9788322622469
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