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Title: Pedagogika na pograniczu światów : eseje z cyklu "Medium Mundi"
Authors: Maliszewski, Krzysztof
Keywords: pedagogika; pedagogika filozofia
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Ślaskiego
Abstract: The book comprises pedagogical essays, partly revisited and reedited, initially published in a transdisciplinary series “Medium Mundi” in the years 2005—2015. The author raises questions on important existential and educational phenomena such as: initiation, the borderland effect, an encounter with the master, the pedagogical lifestyle, traumatized memory, wildness, forgiveness or friendship. The pedagogical reflection of this collection navigates the contemporary humanities of the blurred genres and thus constitutes pedagogy as thriving on the borderlands — of disciplines, textbooks, semantics, culture etc. The intention that permeates this project is to strive for a renewed but rooted perspective on education, against the social mainstream that reduces the functions of education to mere training and adaptation-fostering practices. The book is addressed to a broadly defined academia: professors, students, graduates, aficionados of various humanities and social sciences, but also to the participants of the local Medium Mundi project, of various generations and professions (and to all who find the borderlands-oriented perspective productive). It is therefore hard to predetermine the reader in a precise manner — each text can be considered a “letter in a bottle”… to be opened and read by anyone who cherishes the idea of a university not as a business and an aggregate of alienated specializations, but as a democratic public space and a workshop for independent thinking, anyone who bears in mind (or would like to be reminded) that education serves to deal with life, not only with the demands of the market.
ISBN: 9788380124660
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