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Title: Spotkanie kultur: komunikacja i edukacja międzykulturowa w glottodydaktyce
Authors: Żydek-Bednarczuk, Urszula
Keywords: Edukacja międzykulturowa; Komunikacja międzykulturowa; Glottodydaktyka; Glottodidactics; Intercultural Education; Intercultural communication
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: The present book focuses on the skills of effective communication with the Other, the Alien. It comprises two incessantly interweaving trends. The first one deals with the notion of culture and language in glottodidactics. Such culture is viewed subjectively, for only thus understood it enables the dialogue, and makes the encounter with the other culture possible. The notion relevant to this part of the book therefore is: the Other, the Alien. The applied philosophical perspectives entail the presentation of this phenomenon in terms of identity, as well as the illustration of the I — the Other relation in glottodidactics, which enables individuals to exist within cultural difference and concomitant familiarization with one’s own culture. Special focus is devoted to the relation: communication — language — culture in encountering the Other, the Alien. The book emphasizes that which makes the Polish different from other cultures, how time is understood in culture, how people traverse cultural space, or what culture they belong to. In order to acquire intercultural competence, one has to engage oneself in a process of communication with the other culture, within it and through it. Therefore, the book presents the category of the inter‑human space occupied by foes, outsiders, neighbors, as well as by friends. What then underlies effective communication in such space is being conversant with both one’s own and foreign culture. Glottodidactics opens itself into new tasks; however, curricula tend to focus on the obligation to introduce knowledge and intercultural skills. It is not feasible though, with no classes in culture and cultural differences. The analysis of the phenomena that occur in teaching Polish as a foreign language allows for identification of the tendencies that concern encounters with the Other, the Alien. The first one deals with the relational nature of cultural difference of listeners with regards to their own culture. Activity and solving critical incidents allows for becoming aware of such difference. Further tendencies touch upon judging the I in comparison with the Other, the Alien. The book proceeds to pose a question whether there is the “third culture”? The examples of research projects as well as the analysis of critical incidents pave the way for proper development of intercultural competence.
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