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Title: Systemy edukacji osób umiarkowanie i znacznie oraz głęboko niepełnosprawnych intelektualnie (na przykładzie rozwiązań w Anglii, Republice Czeskiej i Polsce)
Authors: Bełza, Magdalena
Keywords: niepełnosprawni umysłowo; edukacja osób niepełnosprawnych
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: The present book represent a part of publications dealing with comparative pedagogy. It familiarises the reader with the research of the education systems of students with moderate, considerable and profound intellectual disability which are implemented in England, the Czech Republic in comparison with the native context. This enables us to classify the publication within the field of special needs comparative studies. Nowadays the instruction provided to this group of students experiences a period of dynamic changes which are described by the author with reference to the historical, social, cultural, economic and religious contexts. The path which enabled the development of solutions which today are functional in the countries under research – both convergent and divergent ones – is presented. The analysis of the systems itself in the perspective of theory and legislation was enhanced by research conducted among the staff working in institutions whose purpose is to provide instruction to intellectually disabled students (teachers, therapists, directors), which facilitates to a certain extent a verification of the theoretical image with the image of this type of education perceived by the people who are involved in it in practice. All of these themes are discussed in twelve chapters which correspond with the structure of comparative research – the chapters contain a description, interpretation and juxtaposition, and they treat questions such as: the essence of intellectual disability, the structure of the system of education, the forms and the types of institutions, support, theoretical bases, the legal functioning of the systems of education, the historical, economic, social, cultural and religious conditions. An element which is particularly interesting and which may attract the attention of the reader is the quasi-model of the education of moderately, considerably and profoundly intellectually disabled students that is suggested by the reader in the final chapter. Due to the fact that the publication combines strictly scholarly considerations with practical solutions which function in the countries under research, its recipients may include both scholars, pedagogues, sociologists, students and practicians who work in the field of special needs education.
ISBN: 9788380128286
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