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Title: O tłumaczeniu polskich związków frazeologicznych na język niemiecki na przykładzie wybranych tekstów publicystycznych
Authors: Jóźwiak-Dądela, Aleksandra
Advisor: Stawnicka, Jadwiga
Keywords: frazeologia; tłumaczenie języka polskiego na język niemiecki; tłumaczenia
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: The presented doctoral thesis is an attempt at assessing translation of Polish idioms into German. The purpose of the thesis is providing an answer whether translations of Polish idioms into German are correct and selecting translation strategies applied in the process by translators. The thesis consists of two parts. In the first part, which is devoted to theoretical problems, selected issues of phraseology as an independent discipline of science are discussed and the role of an idiom in a language is outlined. In the second part of her thesis, the authoress focuses on specific analytical research determined by the topic of the thesis. The research material used in the analysis was selected from Polish feature texts translated into German. The targets of analyses are 300 idiom-containing sentences in Polish and their translations into German. In each case, assessment of correctness of a translation was performed by comparing the complete sentence in Polish and in German. The field of interest of the authoress included both the canonic form of an idiom as well as its modified form. The analysis is unilateral. It means that Polish is the source language, whereas German is the target language. When comparing a Polish idiom with its translation into German, a degree of equivalence and the kind of applied translation strategy has been established for each pair of sentences. In many cases the authoress submits her own version of a translation. The performed analysis of translation of Polish idioms into a foreign language reveals possibilities of applying the strategies used in translating language games for the purpose. The research has confirmed that the act of selecting a definite translation strategy usually determines and defines the degree of the achieved equivalence. The course of the analysis as well as the obtained data show multi-aspectual and complex character of the process of translating Polish idioms into German. At the same time, they indicate usefulness of further specialist research on the issue.
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