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Title: Porównanie zgrupowań kózkowatych (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) wybranych rezerwatów przyrody i obszarów niechronionych województwa śląskiego
Authors: Karpiński, Lech
Advisor: Węgierek, Piotr
Keywords: dead wood; protected areas; faunistics; nature conservation; Upper Silesia; ecology
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Katowice: Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: Longhorn beetles are phytophagous insects belonging to the order Coleoptera. Representatives of this group of insects are present in almost all land ecosystems, where they feed on plant material. Circa 190 species occur in Poland, whereof about 60% are rare or extremely rare, and circa 5% are no longer occur in the country. Twelve species are currently protected by the Polish law. Fourteen surfaces were chosen as the study area. Seven of them are located within woodland nature reserves and seven respective areas in managed forests. Therefore seven pairs of areas have been subject to detailed comparison. All research areas are located within the Silesian Voivodeship, and according to the division of country used in the Catalogue of Fauna of Poland they belong to two regions: Upper Silesia and Kraków-Wieluń Upland. All research areas have been examined in details in the vegetative seasons of 2013-2015. Research were also conducted beyond these periods, in the form of collecting inhabited material for rearing. A total number of 75 species of longhorn beetles (almost 40% of the Polish fauna) among all six occurring in Poland subfamilies were recorded as results of the whole study in all research areas. Four species were recorded for the first time from the regions of the Upper Silesia, and also one species from the Kraków-Wieluń Upland. In addition in each study area the amount of dead wood was estimated, and decomposition phase and species affinity were determined. For each area a broad ecological analysis of collected beetles has been conducted. Additionally, the species diversity, similarity of the assemblages of individual sites, and the environmental value of particular areas were measured. The influence of dead wood amount on longhorn beetles diversity was also investigated.
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