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Title: Mit wiecznego powrotu w filozofii Alexandre'a Kojeve'a
Authors: Sikora, Michał
Advisor: Noras, Andrzej Jan
Ples-Bęben, Marta
Keywords: Alexandre Kojève; Wieczny powrót; filozofia
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: The goal of work was twofold: present the main concepts approximating philosophy of Alexandre Kojève and indication the myth of the eternal return as a common concept linking scattered ideas of French philosopher. The main problem of work is the presence of the eternal motif of returning in the following issues: Man’s death Time being (the sense of infinity).The Last and Homogenous State Wisdom. Methodology of work consisted on reached to Kojève’s texts, Kojève’s monographs and used the books corresponding to the discussed topics. The dissertation consists of: a short biographical note of Kojève, description of thinker’s lectures and intellectual climate pre- and postwar France, attempt to prove the influence of Kojève’s reflections on postmodernism, explication the motif of conflict of the master with slave (including, slavery liberation by working), description of the mastery, the Kojève’s philosophy of state and political, historical apocalypse, bestiality human beings, the figures of the sage and the tyrant, importance of the book, ending of time.
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