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Title: Naturalna technika: swarming i komunikacja międzygatunkowa
Authors: Nikitina, Ekaterina
Keywords: swarming; scienceart; posthumanism; technology; bioethics
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Zoophilologica, Nr 1 (2015), s. 149-163
Abstract: The article is devoted to the phenomenon of swarming and its expression in modern technologies and art. The main focus of this work is a philosophical comprehension and interpretation of the performance Mind-Controlled Cyborgroach created by the Moscow art-group “18 Apples.” The author discusses the phenomenon of the uncanny as a manifestation of entomophobia and technophobia, and she explores the ontological questions of human and animal being and compares categories of “natural” and “human” technics. The article also focuses on the problem of the Other in the context of the basic tasks of bioethics.
ISSN: 2451-3849
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