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Tytuł: Uchylenie zakazu prasowej publikacji danych osobowych i wizerunku a proces karny
Autor: Koper, Radosław
Słowa kluczowe: Ochrona danych osobowych; Prawo karne procesowe; Prawo prasowe
Data wydania: 2008
Źródło: Problemy Prawa Karnego, T. 26 (2008), s. 94-110
Abstrakt: The article touches upon the issue o f the injunction o f the press publication o f personal data and image in the context of the exclusion o f the obligation of this restriction. Considerations concentrate on the penal-trial level. The establishment of the possibility to abrogate the above-mentioned injunction is connected with a distinction of two general normative bases in this field: 1. Law regulations - press law: a) art. 13 act. 2 - permission o f the participant o f the penal trial (the accused, victim, witness), b) art. 13 act. 3 - permission o f the prosecutor or the court given with respect to the accused; 2. Regulations o f other acts: a) art. 279-280 of the penal code - searching for the accused by means o f the warrant o f arrest, b) art. 39 pkt 8 and art. 50 o f the penal code - the execution o f the punishment in the form of revealing the sentence to the public, under the conditions o f conducting a court proceeding, as a result o f the introduction o f a special means o f prosecution. In the case o f the situations in question, what rises doubts and controversies is the evaluation of the legitimacy o f the regulation enabling the prosecutor or court to give a permission to a press identification o f the accused. This kind o f solution should undergo criticism, above all, in view o f the restriction o f the principle of the presumption of innocence of the accused and his right to privacy. The circumstances that could possibly justify the existence of an important social interest as a condition o f the abrogation of the injunction under discussion, are not enough to justify such interference into the sphere o f a private life or violate dignity or a good name o f the accused, with one exception. That is, the situation differs when the accused holds the status o f a public person. The necessity to realize the informative function o f the press with respect to the subjects qualified in this way justifies the acceptance of the acceptability to give the permission to the trial processes to reveal the identity o f the accused to the public.
ISSN: 0208-5577
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