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Title: O Słowackim ponowocześnie. Marek Troszyński: “Słowacki. Poza kanonem.” Gdańsk: Wydawnictwo Słowo/Obraz Terytoria, 2014, ss. 411, nlb. 5, il. 65 - recenzja
Authors: Piechota, Marek
Keywords: Marek Troszyński; Słowacki. Poza kanonem; sylwa; quasi‑literature; Słowacki
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: "Śląskie Studia Polonistyczne" Nr 1-2 (2016), s. 257-267
Abstract: The title of Marek Troszyński’s book Słowacki. Poza kanonem is excellent from the perspective of marketing, but at the same time, it succeeds in conveying the content of the 11 chapters of different length, supplemented with 8 interesting appendices and 65 aptly selected and described illustrations. In a way, it has a character of sylwa; its previous versions (published in refereed magazines and collective monographs) became considerably re‑edited in order to achieve the result in the form of monography. I accept the opening form of this dissertation, which is proposed by the author, as well as his affirmative attitude to the poet’s quasi‑literary achievements, which makes the author “a friendly witness” of Słowacki’s biography and writing. The work is undoubtedly original, own, exceptional and quite unique. I do not expect that in the foreseeable future we will encounter any gifted follower of the method, inquisitiveness, a highly interesting narration, and at the same time a lucky discoverer of so many philological findings, offering such a great number of the conjectures of the poems, not necessarily canonical ones, however, coming after the “canonical”, because critical, edition of Juliusz Kleiner.
ISSN: 0208-6336
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