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Title: Sacrum i mythos w polskiej literaturze fantastycznej
Authors: Kruszewski, Piotr
Advisor: Kłosiński, Krzysztof
Keywords: mit w literaturze; sacrum w literaturze; literatura fantastyczna; fantasy
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: The doctoral thesis titled Sacrum and Mythos in Polish Fantastic Literature has the purpose in demonstration, that scientific methods, reserved for theology and cultural anthropology until now, in combination with classical research workshop of literary, are unusually valuable in research in fantastic literature – fantasy, science fiction and horror. The thesis consists of two parts: chapters which are theoretical groundwork and chapters presenting interpretations of individual literary works. The theoretical part consists of three chapters and a chapter which ends the content of thesis, whereas practical part consists of seven chapters, every devoted to particular author, novel or short story. The variety of subjective material ruled out the application of a uniform research methodology, which may have been expected in a thesis devoted to specific author or specific literary work. Instead, every of presented interpretation consists of different seeing on sacrum and mythology. Particular chapters, being the pieces of analysis and intepretation of literary works, are devoted to polish texts without exception, although continuos appeals to english and american classics make the necessary background for presented issues and motives. The whole thesis is ended by a chapter titled Instead of the end, which presents an argument, being also a conclusion: polish fantastic literature has grown up from completely different background and tradition than her equivalent in England or America, and at the beginning of this dissimilarity there is our own experience of sacrum and the lack of fully codified and consciously experienced pre-christian tradition.
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