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Title: Introduction
Authors: Gryksa, Edyta
Sowińska, Agata
Keywords: Scripta Classica; Introduction
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Scripta Classica, Vol. 14 (2017), s.7
Abstract: The present volume of Scripta Classica is a collection of miscellaneous articles in which various aspects of the ancient world and its impact on modern times are analysed. This time the thematic varietas consists of texts about ancient history, culture and tradition and their reception. The publication also contains translations of Latin and Greek texts that have not been edited in Polish yet. The Greek section starts with the translation of Plutarch’s diatribe Περὶ τοῦ πότερον τὰ ψυχῆς ἢ τὰ σώματος πάθη χείρονα (Animine an corporis affectiones sint peiores) and an article about the key role of dreams in ancient medicine. The aim of the article is to show different dreams in everyday life. In the Latin section readers can find translations of several ancient passages. The first is a fragment of Silius Italicus’ Punica, describing the events during the Battle of the Metaurus. The second is a fragment of Arnobius’ Adversus Nationes about Attis’ life and death. All the translations are supplemented with an extensive commentary. Additionally, in this part there is also an article about trickery vocabulary in Florus’ Epitome de Tito Livio. It contains not only a kind of catalogue of terms connected with deceit, such as dolus, fraus and consilium, but also a description of historical and cultural facts related to the topic. A discussion of a Priape, a graphic novel by Nicolas Presl, ends the essays in this volume. We sincerely hope that these articles will appeal to our readers.
ISSN: 1732‑3509
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