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Title: Źródła informacji w pracy nauczyciela edukacji regionalnej (na przykładzie Częstochowy)
Authors: Arbakus, Agata
Advisor: Gondek, Elżbieta
Keywords: Edukacja regionalna; Źródła informacji; Rola bibliotek w edukacji regionalnej uczniów
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: The sources of information in the work of regional education teacher (based on the example of Częstochowa) is a doctoral thesis topic, dealing with the issues of scientific fields such as bibliology, information science, pedagogy, cultural knowledge and others. The treatise discusses the reforms and changes in educational system, occurring between 2008 and 2015, which affected the teaching process including the scope of implementation of regional information at all stages of education. The main aim of the dissertation was to discuss regional education in historical and contemporary approach, presenting its most important assumptions and the influence of regional education on personalities and attitudes of students attending primary, junior secondary, and secondary schools. The essential objective of the research was to draw attention to the role of school libraries and pedagogical libraries in shaping regional attitudes among children and adolescents. Attention was also drawn to the role of libraries in supporting the effects of implementing regional content by teachers, referring to applicable legal educational acts. The practical purpose of the thesis was designing “The Guidebook to Sources of Regional Information for Teachers and Librarians from Częstochowa and Its Surroundings.” It was given a form of bibliographical research paper containing books, magazine articles, electronic and multimedia sources coming from different libraries in Częstochowa. Teachers should find the guidebook helpful when choosing sources of regional information. The dissertation refers to numerous publications concerning regionalism, library science, cultural studies and methodology of teaching as well as acts and regulations of the Ministry of Education. Theoretical contemplations of the problem discussed in the thesis have been supported by the results of empirical research, conducted in 2006 and 2012 among teachers and librarians, in order to establish the level of regional education implementation as well as the usage of regional content and sources among schools in Częstochowa. The research has shown that, regardless of the reforms and programme changes introduced by the Ministry of Education, teachers have been using the regional content in the process of education. Historical method, analysis and critical assessment of information sources research, empirical method of observation supported by survey technique as well as formal and factual classification of correlated bibliographical sources technique have been used to achieve the objectives set in the dissertation. Changes in the system of education in the 19th, 20th, and 21st century prove, that education is constantly evolving and undergoing numerous transformations. These changes are also visible in culture, especially the regional aspect of it, therefore as well in regional education, methods and forms of conveying the content and using information and communication technologies in teaching. It is obvious that the projected reforms of the Ministry of Education will further contribute to changes in education, including regional education.
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