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Title: K harakteristike psammofitnoj rastitel`nosti urocisa Manhan-Elysu (Zapadnoe-Zabajkal`e)
Authors: Namzalov, Bimba-Cyren B.
Snytko, Walerian A.
Wika, Stanisław
Szczypek, Tadeusz
Keywords: psammostepy; flora; zbiorowisko roślinne; zespół roślinny; gatunek reliktowy; Zabajkale Zachodnie
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Acta Geographica Silesiana, T. 11, nr 3 (2017), s. 31-46
Abstract: The characteristics of sandy complex vegetation in Mankhan-Elysu located in Western Transbaikalya was presented. The existing parabolic dunes are nowadays intensively blown by the influence of north-easterly winds and function alongside pine taiga with grass undergrowth. The vegetation of poorly fixed dunes pro-duces psammosteppe communities, characterized by different stages of succession. Flora of these identity communities is very original. In her composition, the significant coenotic role is played by relict steppes and deserts of Inner Asia: Carex sabulosa Turcz. ex Kunth, Oxytropis lanata (Pall.) DC, Artemisia ledebouriana Bess, Hedysarum fruticosum Pall; except the endemic Bromopsis korotkiji (Drobow) Holub. Analysis of psammosteppe communities indicates their homogeneity, both in terms of structure and species composition. To compare phytocoenotic diversity, ecological scales of vegetation was applied. It allowed the distinction of two associations of vegetation: 1. Leymus racemosus ssp. crassinervius + Artemisia ledebouriana and 2. Oxytropis lanata – Agropyron michnoi. Coenoflora of psammophyte steppes in Mankhan-Elysu consist of 24 species of higher vascular plants. They consist of mountain ecology spiecies and psammofilous steppes (upon 60%). Very low shares consist of forest-steppe species (24%). Meadow-forest species are represented by Equisetum arvense, Pinus sylvestris, Salix microstachya (13%). Generally sandy complex Mankhan-Elysu is the unique refuge of relicts arid landscapes of Selenga river basin.
ISSN: 1897–5100
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