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Title: Microstructure and physical properties of the multicomponent PZT-type ceramics doped by calcium, sodium, bismuth and cadmium
Authors: Bochenek, Dariusz
Niemiec, Przemysław
Keywords: PZT type ceramics; SEM microstructure; dielectric properties; electromechanical properties
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Applied Physics A, Vol.124 (2018), Art. No. 775
Abstract: In this work, the multicomponent Pb(Zr0.58Ti0.42)O3 ceramics doped by calcium (Ca), sodium (Na), bismuth (Bi) and cadmium (Cd) was designed and obtained by the hot uniaxial pressing method. Comprehensive electrophysical properties including crystalline structure, microstructure, dielectric, electromechanical and piezoelectric of the ceramics were made. The Pb0.92Ca0.02Na0.01Bi0.05(Zr0.58Ti0.42)0.98Cd0.02O3 ceramics obtained by the hot uniaxial pressing method has a microstructure of a regularly crystallized grain. The multicomponent material shows high values of dielectric and piezoelectric properties with high ferroelectric hardness. A wide and rectangular hysteresis loop of the PZT-type ceramics shows high ferroelectric hardness of obtained ceramics. Studies have also shown that multicomponent PZT-type ceramics exhibits a strong S–E behavior. The S–Eelectromechanical loops have characteristic “butterfly wings” shape with high values of mechanical strain. These properties of the obtained material allow its application in the modern microelectronics and micromechatronics, for example, in constructing electromechanical and electroacoustic transducers, piezotransformators, piezoelectric motors, etc.
DOI: 10.1007/s00339-018-2203-3
ISSN: 0947-8396
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