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Title: Metapoezja : o świadomości twórczej Stanisława Grochowiaka
Authors: Kaleta-Łuczynowicz, Patrycja
Advisor: Kisiel, Marian
Keywords: Stanisław Grochowiak krytyka i interpretacja; Genologia poetycka
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: The work is dedicated to the analysis and interpretation of selected themes in poetry of Stanislaw Grochowiak. The inicial hypothesis is the belief that self-reflexive poetry occupies a special place in the Grochowiak’s work. Most fully, creative awareness manifests itself when author uses particular poetic genres. This paper is therefore an attempt to present poetic genology of Stanislaw Grochowiak through poetic prayers, sonnets, haiku and poem. Geno-logical decisions concerning: poems naming, giving forms of specific genres and using pat-terns in a certain way, supplemented by metapoetry reflections are the most important ges-tures, determining the shape of Stanislaw Grochowiak’s creative awareness.
Appears in Collections:Rozprawy doktorskie (W.Hum.)

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