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Title: The absence of static smooth solutions in Einstein - Yano - Mills - Klein - Gordon theory
Authors: Malec, Ewa
Keywords: teoria Yanga-Millsa; teoria Kleina-Gordona
Issue Date: 1984
Citation: Acta Physica Polonica. B, 1984, no. 12, s. 1101-1109
Abstract: The first nonexistence result in the sourceless Yang-Mills theory is due to Deser [1], who has shown that there are no nonzero static finite energy solutions. Then many authors [2, 3] proved nonexistence of time-dependent solitons in Yang-Mills theory. Glassey and Strauss [3] demonstrated the absence of static solitons and solitary waves in Yang-Mills- -Klein-Gordon theory. Recently Weder [4] proved the absence of nonsingular, localized solutions to Einstein-Yang-Mills equations. His result needed a strong falloff of g00 at infinity and therefore met a critique [5]. Deser [5] attacked the same problem in (2+1) space-time dimensions, to get the desired nonexistence result. Finally in [6] it was shown that the linear scalar (Schrödinger or Klein-Gordon) and nonlinear (under simple restrictions on the nonlinearities) field coupled to Yang-Mills fields has no static nonzero finite energy solutions[…]
ISSN: 0587-4254
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