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Title: The ArDM experiment
Authors: Harańczyk, M.
Amsler, C.
Badertscher, A.
Boccone, V.
Bourgeois, N.
Bueno, A.
Carmona-Benitez, M. C.
Chorowski, M.
Creus, W.
Curioni, A.
Daw, E.
Degunda, U.
Dell'Antone, A.
Droge, M.
Epprecht, L.
Haller, C.
Horikawa, S.
Kaufmann, L.
Kisiel, Jan
Knecht, L.
Laffranchi, M.
Lagoda, J.
Lazzaro, C.
Lightfoot, P.
Lozano, J.
Lussi, D.
Maire, G.
Mania, Sławomir
Marchionni, A.
Mavrokoridis, K.
Melgarejo, A.
Mijakowski, P.
Natterer, G.
Navas-Concha, S.
Otiougova, P.
Piotrowska, A.
Poliński, J.
De Prado, M.
Przewłocki, P.
Ravat, S.
Regenfus, C.
Resnati, F.
Robinson, M.
Rochet, J.
Romero, L.
Rondio, E.
Rubbia, A.
Scotto-Lavina, L.
Spooner, N.
Viant, T.
Trawiński, A.
Ulbricht, J.
Zalewska, A.
Keywords: ciemna materia; detektory; promieniowanie jonizujące
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Acta Physica Polonica B, Vol. 41, no. 7 (2010), s. 1441-1446
Abstract: The aim of the ArDM project is the development and operation of a one ton double-phase liquid argon detector for direct Dark Matter searches. The detector measures both the scintillation light and the ionization charge from ionizing radiation using two independent readout systems. This paper briefly describes the detector concept and presents preliminary results from the ArDM R&D program, including a 3 l prototype developed to test the charge readout system.
ISSN: 0587-4254
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