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Title: Transport of forced quantum motors in the strong friction limit
Authors: Machura, Łukasz
Łuczka, Jerzy
Talkner, P.
Hanggi, P.
Keywords: zjawiska fluktuacji; procesy losowe; hałas; ruchy Browna; transport kwantowy; procesy stochastyczne
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Acta Physica Polonica B, Vol. 38, no. 5 (2007), s. 1855-1864
Abstract: The directed transport of an overdamped Brownian motor moving in a spatially periodic potential that lacks reflection symmetry (i.e. a ratchet potential) is studied when driven by thermal and dichotomic nonequilibrium noise in the presence of an external, constant load force. We consider both, the classical and the quantum tunneling assisted regimes. The current-load characteristics are investigated as a function of the system parameters like the load force, the temperature and the amplitude strength of the applied two-state noise.
ISSN: 0587-4254
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