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Title: Eventualite et supposition : quelques reflexions sur l'hypothese et l'emploi du subjonctif
Authors: Kwapisz-Osadnik, Katarzyna
Keywords: hypothesis; hypothetical clauses; French subjunctive
Issue Date: 2002
Citation: Neophilologica, T. 15 (2002), s. 77-101
Abstract: The article is devoted to the discussion of the notion hypothesis and the relationships between hypothetical clauses and the use o f French subjunctive. The mood analysis o f sentences introduced by the forms expressing hypothesis has enabled the author to distinguish the hypothesis understood as a possibility and the hypothesis-supposition. The first one is based on the speak er’s assumption that p is probable, i.e. it will have extralinguistic reality. The supposition in turns assumes two possibilities: p and ~p. This distinction is the result o f conceptualization consisting in the creation of mental images that correspond to the content of p. If the speaker makes two mental images (p and ~p), s/he considers two possibilities and in this case we deal with supposition. If only one mental image (p or ~p) is created, we have the only possibility. The choice o f the subjunctive would be connected with the supposition, i.e. with the sepaker’s distancing attitude towards the truth value of p. The indicative would express the possibility of p, which would, in turn, correspond to the speaker’s declarative attitude.
ISSN: 0208-5550
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