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Title: Miejsce krytycznej filozofii Immanuela Kanta i neokantyzmu Hermanna Cohena w refleksji Stanisława Leopolda Brzozowskiego
Authors: Musioł, Anna
Keywords: history of philosophy; transcendentalism; criticism; neo-kantianism
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Folia Philosophica, Vol. 40 (2018), s. 17-27
Abstract: In the article I want to describe the place of Immanuel Kant and Hermann Cohen’s Neo-Kantianism in thought of Stanisław L. Brzozowski philosophy. So the critical image of philosophy is showing the project of Kant, so concept of Cohen is — how Brzozowski thinks — with expression of truly independent reflection. In the system of Cohen, author Legenda Młodej Polski…, a tendency to intellectual initiative free from positivist and modernist restrictions notices. How the history of philosophy is showing, both favoured German classics of transcendental method, freedoms treat the criticism as contemporary concept and innovative original thought. Meanwhile for Brzozowski, criticism is an opportunity for including the philosophy of Kant into the form of the summons to the creative bravery, and it all at the same time is also Marburg doctrine, in accordance which is an existence missing apart from becoming eternal and ceaseless (eternal fieri).
ISSN: 353-9445
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