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Title: Edukacja dorosłych między systemem a światem życia : interwencje krytyczne
Authors: Kruszelnicki, Wojciech
Keywords: adult education; lifelong learning; social theory of Jürgen Habermas; models of adult vocational education; Michel Foucault
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Akademickie Towarzystwo Andragogiczne
Citation: Edukacja Dorosłych, Nr 1 (2018), s. 41-58
Abstract: The reckless promotion of competency-based education and training and the imposition of regulatory curriculum standards go hand in hand with similar attitudes among adult education scholars and experts who increasingly back off from envisaging adult learning as an area of human interaction where pedagogy finds its humanistic meaning and significance and where communicative rationality can be enacted and taught. Out of three basic interests of human knowledge and cognition – technical, practical and critical – adult education of our time tends to opt for realising only the technical one. This is due to the colonisation of the lifeworld by the imperatives of the system (Habermas) which remains blind to a human interest in self-formation, autonomy, emancipation, and gaining critical awareness. As the lifeworld system is colonised, there emerge autonomous subsystems, such as global economies, markets, media, and business corporations. Operating relatively independently of state and democratic control, they impose instrumental rationality in sectors of key importance for viable democracy and subject education to its interests and standards. Through the use of manifold technologies of micro-power (Foucault), people are now “condemned to learn” – only to make profits, if not to subsist in uncertain times.
ISSN: 1230-929X
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