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Title: Autonomous vehicles: basic issues
Authors: Czech, Piotr
Turoń, Katarzyna
Barcik, Jacek
Keywords: autonomous vehicles; autonomous vehicles nomenclature; classification of autonomous vehicles; autonomous vehicles in transport systems
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport, Vol. 100 (2018), s. 15-22
Abstract: The work was dedicated to the subject of innovative autonomous vehicles on the transport market. The paper presents basic information about autonomous cars: a nomenclature characteristic of autonomous vehicles, along with the terms “automatic”, “autonomous”, “self-drive” and “driverless”. The article also presents various types of autonomous cars based on the most popular classifications in the world. The purpose of the work is to present basic issues related to autonomous vehicles.
DOI: 10.20858/sjsutst.2018.100.2
ISSN: 2450-1549
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