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Title: Somatyczne, muzyczne i auguryjskie konteksty retoryki
Authors: Nawarecki, Aleksander
Keywords: rhetoric; deconstruction; zoophilology; somatics; augurs; free jazz; improvisation
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Studia Poetica, Vol. 5 (2017), s. 87-100
Abstract: Rhetoric is considering from the way of performance (gr. hipokrizis, lat. actio), called by the Cicero “the body language”. There will be a point of departure in all kinds of somatic obstacles that limit the orator, and also the voices of the background that make oration harder. Among the natural voices there is a specific case of animal sounds, in particular birds’ melodies which were intensively listened by ancient augurs and poets. There is also returning question of birds singing and human voice, especially in the age of ecology and the new media, and in context of cinema music and literature. From the perspective of the zoophilology a very special case is the voice of marsh warbler that can be associated with jazz improvisation and the sampling. In the conclusion author reveals the rhetoric community between different discourses that were inspired by the art of improvisation – the free jazz (Coleman), deconstruction (Derrida) and birds language (marsh warbler).
DOI: 10.24917/23534583.5.7
ISSN: 2353-4583
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