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Title: Współczesne piaski eoliczne międzyrzecza Selengi i Czikoja (Zachodnie Zabajkale)
Authors: Szczypek, Tadeusz
Snytko, Walerian A.
Atutowa, Żanna W.
Kobyłkin, Dmitrij W.
Keywords: Zabajkale; współczesne piaski eoliczne; międzyrzecze Selengi i Czikoja; współczesne procesy eoliczne; granulometria piasków wydmowych; mechaniczna obróbka ziaren kwarcu piasków eolicznych
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Acta Geographica Silesiana, T. 12, nr 4 (2018), s. 43-72
Abstract: General physico-geographical characteristics of Chikoy-Selenga interfluve are presented (geological settings, relief, present-day climatic conditions). Attention is drawn to the commonly occurring here Quaternary sand deposits different origin, especially aeolian sands: preserved by taiga and steppe vegetation and modified nowadays. The latter, despite their surface preservation in the last decades, are still very important and characteristic landscape element of this area. Based on satellite images analysis from Google Maps (2018) a scheme of their distribution in scale 1 : 38,000 are shown. In case of morphological characteristic of pre-sent-day blown sands 7 sites were choden: in the Selenga river valley – Nomokhonovo, Ust’ Kyakhta, Khoron-khoy and in the Chikoy river valley – Bolshoy Lug, Burkhan, Ust’ Kiran, Kiran. General characteristic of aeolian sand features (grain size distribution, quartz grain abrasion) against the same characteristics of substratum de-posits. Based on scientific literature studies attention is drawn to the age of periods of intensive morphological ac-tivity of the wind within the studied area.
ISSN: 1897–5100
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