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Title: Morphological Characteristics and Allometric Relationships of Shoot in Two Undergrowth Plants: Polygonatum odoratum and Polygonatum multiflorum
Authors: Tulik, Mirela
Karczewski, Jerzy
Szeliga, Natalia
Jura-Morawiec, Joanna
Jarzyna, Ingeborga
Keywords: allometry; shape; anatomy; Polygonatum odoratum; Polygonatum multiflorum; shoot
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Forests, Vol. 9 (2018), Art. No. 783
Abstract: The main purpose of this investigation was to describe the spatial arrangement of shoot tissues, as seen in transverse section, and allometric relationships in two contrasting species of Polygonatum i.e., Polygonatum odoratum which commonly grows in mixed pine-oak forest with shoots rectangular in shape, and Polygonatum multiflorum found in oak-hornbeam forest with cylindrical shoots. The mass and length of the aerial shoots of each individual plant were measured. The shoot regions of each plant were then categorized as basal (b), central (c) or apical (a). Transverse sections of these shoot regions were subsequently cut, and the following parameters were measured: (1) Diameter of shoots, (2) thickness of the outer and inner zones of parenchyma and (3) thickness of the sclerenchyma zone. Additional allometric relationships between the various measurements were computed and determined as Pearson’s correlation coefficients (r). Both species of Polygonatum differed significantly with respect to the length, diameter and thickness of the outer zone of parenchyma. Shoots of P. multiflorum were taller but narrower than those of P. odoratum, which had a significantly wider zone of outer parenchyma. Allometric relationships were stronger for P. multiflorum, and for both species, they were generally stronger in the basal part of the shoot. We conclude that in P. multiflorum, the strong correlation between the diameter and length of the shoot seems to be important to the growth in shaded environments.
DOI: 10.3390/f9120783
ISSN: 1999-4907
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