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Title: The Mossbauer spectroscopy and analytical investigations of the polycrystaline compounds with general formula ZnxSnyCr2Se4
Authors: Jendrzejewska, Izabela
Hanc, Aneta
Zajdel, Paweł
Kita, Andrzej
Goryczka, Tomasz
Maciążek, Ewa
Mrzigod, Janusz
Keywords: dyfrakcja rentgenowska; związki nieorganiczne; antyferromagnetyki; rentgen; efekt Mössbauera; analiza spektroskopowa
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Acta Physica Polonica A, Vol. 114, nr 6 (2008), s. 1591-1597
Abstract: We present combined X-ray powder diffraction and Mossbauer 119Sn studies of polycrystalline compounds with a general formula ZnxSnyCrzSe4 (where x + y + z ¼ 3). The obtained single-phase compounds crystallize in the spinel cubic structure | Fd3m. Tin ions are found to occupy both tetrahedral and octahedral sublattices. On the contrary to the strong tetrahedral site preference energy of Sn, the presented data strongly suggest that the increase in lattice parameters with Sn doping is caused by Sn ions that incorporated into octahedral positions. A quadrupole and isomer shifts of 119Sn in (SnSe4)6¡ and (SnSe6)4¡ are also reported.
ISSN: 0587-4246
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