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Title: Kolonia polska w Mandżurii - analiza historycznoprawna
Authors: Kil, Jan
Graczyk, Konrad
Keywords: Kolonia polska; Mandżuria
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwesytetu Śląskiego
Citation: Z Dziejów Prawa, T. 6 (2013), s. 105-126
Abstract: The article discusses Polish colony in Manguria from 1897 to 1949. The first part of the work, devoted to the history, describes the circumstances of the formation of colony, its development and fall. The colony history was presented in the light of great historical events that influenced it. The second part includes a detailed analysis of selected issues. It concerns Polish political organizations, consulate, Gospoda Polska, schooling and church organizations. Also, the period of repatriation of the last colonists was thoroughly discussed. Special emphasis was put on legal issues, such as jurisdiction in the colony territory. Also, the Colony’s relations with the country, and relationships between colonists and country authorities Manguria was ruled under. Poles’ struggle for maintaining political autonomy and cultural identity was show. At the same time, internal conflicts within the colony were presented. The article closes with a short reflection within the philosophy of law.
ISSN: 1898-6986
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