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Title: The use of geoelectrical method in preliminary investigation of the Fredro Family's iron mine adit in the village of Cisna, the Bieszczady Mountains, SE Poland
Authors: Mendecki, Maciej J.
Janowska, Ewa
Kaczmarzyk, Radosław
Idziak, Adam
Keywords: historical iron mine; resistivity imaging; Mochnaczka-Jeleni Skok Mountain
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Acta Geodynamica et Geomaterialia, 2016, no. 2, s. 159-165
Abstract: The study over the historical Rose iron mine adit were performed to find and map its location. In order to locate the exploited adit the resistivity imaging method was applied. Measurements were carried out along six survey profiles perpendicularly intersecting the adit. Measurements done along first three profiles were performed with application of 5 m electrode spacing and the total length of electrode array reached 200 m. For the profiles 4th and 6th 10 m electrode spacing was applied what gave total profile length of 400 m. The 5th profile possessed 5m electrode spacing and total length of 470 m. Roll-along technique was designed on this profile. For all measurements the Sweden equipment Lund produced by ABEM company was applied. Each resistivity cross-section was obtained after the robust inversion using Res2Dinv software. The results showed high resistivity anomalies located in areas suspicious as the adit, beneath the main ridge of Mochnaczka-Jeleni Skok Mountain. Near the adit entrance known from the historical information, the main anomaly was disturbed, probably because of the collapse of a tunnel entrance which could be seen in terrain morphology. It is supposed that on further distances the adit retained its character, however, it can be filled with secondary deposits or flooded.
DOI: 10.13168/AGG.2015.0053
ISSN: 1214-9705
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