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Title: The characteristics of organic matter from the Triassic clays of NW margin of the Holy Cross Mts ( Poland) - preliminary report
Authors: Marynowski, Leszek
Wyszomirski, Piotr
Kurkiewicz, Sławomir
Keywords: Triassic clays; the Holy Cross Mts; organic matter; biomarkers; maturity
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Mineralogia, Vol. 37 (2006), s. 113-122
Abstract: The molecular character of organic matter in Triassic clays on the NW border of the Holy Cross Mts was determined in apolar, aromatic and polar fractions of extractable organic matter (OM) using GC-MS analysis. The contribution of terrestrial higher plants to the kerogene is revealed by the dominant presence of odd long-chain n-alkanes and by the occurrence of retene. Benzophenone, fluorenone, cyclopenta(def)phenanthrenone, antracenone and benzanthrone were among the compounds identified in polar fractions of the soluble organic matter. These commonly originate during strong oxidation of sedimentary organic matter. The aromatic fraction is characterised by the presence of phenyl derivatives (PhPAC) such as phenylnaphthalenes, terphenyls, phenyldibenzofurans and phenylphenanthrenes that are also products of the abiotic oxidation of organic matter. The oxidation processes that occurred during sedimentation and during early diagenesis resulted in a very significant decrease in the organic matter content in the clays. This decrease considerably influences their technological properties.
DOI: 10.2478/v10002-007-0003-z
ISSN: 1899-8291
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