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Title: A high resolution search for the tensor glueball candidate [xi] (2230) Crystal Barrel Collaboration
Authors: Amsler, C.
Baker, C. A.
Barnett, B. M.
Batty, C. J.
Benayoun, M.
Berdoz, A.
Blüm, P.
Braune, K.
Case, T.
Crowe, K. M.
Doser, M.
Dünnweber, W.
Engelhardt, D.
Faessler, M. A.
Giarritta, P.
Haddock, R. P.
Heinsius, F. H.
Heinzelmann, M.
Hessey, N. P.
Hidas, P.
Jamnik, D.
Kalinowsky, H.
Kämmle, B.
Kammel, P.
Kisiel, Jan
Klempt, E.
Koch, H.
Kunze, M.
Kurilla, U.
Lakata, M.
Landua, R.
Matthäy, H.
Meyer, C. A.
Meyer-Wildhagen, F.
Montanet, L.
Ouared, R.
Peters, K.
Pick, B.
Ratajczak, M.
Regenfus, C.
Roethel, W.
Seth, K. K.
Strohbusch, U.
Suffert, M.
Suh, J. S.
Thoma, U.
Uman, I.
Wallis-Plachner, S.
Walther, D.
Wiedner, U.
Wittmack, K.
Zupancic, C.
Keywords: mesons; decay; hybrid mesons
Issue Date: 2001
Citation: Physics Letters B, Vol. 520, iss. 3-4 (2001), s. 175-182
Abstract: We report results of a high resolution search for the tensor glueball candidate ξ(2230) in a p̄p formation experiment. π0π0 and ηη decay channels were measured in a scan of the mass region 2220 MeV to 2240 MeV. No evidence for the existence of ξ(2230) was found. 95% confidence upper limits for the possible existence of ξ are presented.
DOI: 10.1016/S0370-2693(01)01161-3
ISSN: 0370-2693
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