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Title: Codzienność w rezerwacie placówki specjalnej
Authors: Kohut, Dorota
Advisor: Gajdzica, Zenon
Keywords: niepełnosprawni umysłowo; piętnowanie; pedagogika specjalna; rezerwat (socjologia)
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: The object of research is a non-public educational institution. The researcher’s intention is not to produce a monographic description of the institution but to present it as an institutional phenomenon. The institution in question is the Education and Rehabilitation Center (Ośrodek Edukacyjno-Rehabilitacyjno-Wychowawczy) where young people with intellectual disabilities fulfill their schooling obligations. In the work, the institution is named a reserve where parents and therapists as agents and the key stake-holders, i.e. the young people with intellectual disabilities play roles in the daily ritual of interaction. The meetings with all pupils participating are closed in the framework of a reserve, widely considered to be a place of segregation, an asylum for the stigmatized. In the reserve, actions are taken to improve the pupils’ general functioning according to their individual development plans prepared with the formal requirements and regulations in mind. By adopting the qualitative research strategy, the work is an attempt to answer a broad research question: what does the daily life look like in the reserve, i.e. the non-public educational center for young people with intellectual disabilities? The author’s intention is to uncover the unique world of the center and to contribute to the discourse on the necessity of transgression in the everyday practice of special pedagogy.
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