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Title: A systematic study on Cylapinae with a revision of the Afrotropical Region (Heteroptera, Miridae)
Authors: Gorczyca, Jacek
Keywords: taxonomy; entomology; Heteroptera; Miridae; Cylapinae; Afrotropical Region; revision
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: A new systematic understanding of Cylapinae is proposed, the phylogenetical analysis within the subfamily is presented, the new tribe Rhinomirini and the new subtribe Phylocylapina are established, the key to all the tribes and the check-list of world genera are also provided. The subfamily Cylapinae of Africa is revised including all known taxa that occur in Africa, Madagascar and the Seychelles. Twelve genera, 62 species and one subspecies are discussed in detail. The keys to all the Afrotropical genera and species are provided. Three new genera: Afrofulvius, Afrobothriomiris, and Phyllofulvioides are established, 30 new species and one subspecies are described. A representative of the tribe Bothriomirini from Africa is reported for the first time; it is also the first locality of this tribe outside the Oriental Region and Papua New Guinea. The lectotypes for the following species are designated: Cylapomorpha migratoria (Distant), Fulvius discifer Reuter, Fulvius anthocoroides (Reuter) and Rhinofulvius albifrons (Reuter). Illustrations of dorsal habitus and male genitalia are presented for the representatives of most genera.
ISBN: 8322609817
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