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Tytuł: Phonological factos affecting L1 phonetic realization of proficient Polish users of English
Autor: Schwartz, Geoffrey
Balas, Anna
Rojczyk, Arkadiusz
Słowa kluczowe: Phonetic parameters; L2 phonetics; VOT; glottalization; sandhi
Data wydania: 2015
Źródło: Research in Language, 2015, iss. 2, s. 181-198
Abstrakt: Acoustic phonetic studies examine the L1 of Polish speakers with professional level proficiency in English. The studies include two tasks, a production task carried out entirely in Polish and a phonetic code-switching task in which speakers insert target Polish words or phrases into an English carrier. Additionally, two phonetic parameters are studied: the oft-investigated VOT, as well as glottalization vs. sandhi linking of wordinitial vowels. In monolingual Polish mode, L2 interference was observed for the VOT parameter, but not for sandhi linking. It is suggested that this discrepancy may be related to the differing phonological status of the two phonetic parameters. In the code-switching tasks, VOTs were on the whole more English-like than in monolingual mode, but this appeared to be a matter of individual performance. An increase in the rate of sandhi linking in the code-switches, except for the case of one speaker, appeared to be a function of accelerated production of L1 target items
DOI: 10.1515/rela-2015-0014
ISSN: 2083-4616
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