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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Effect of underground salty mine water on the rotifer communities in the Bolina River (Upper Silesia, Southern Poland)Halabowski, Dariusz; Bielańska-Grajner, Irena; Lewin, Iga
2014Role of spatial and environmental factors in shaping the rotifer metacommunity in anthropogenic water bodiesBielańska-Grajner, Irena; Cudak, Anna; Biała, Anna; Szymańczak, Robert; Sell, Jerzy
23-Oct-2017Rotifer Diversity in the Acidic Pyrite Mine Pit Lakes in the Sudety Mountains (Poland)Pociecha, Agnieszka; Bielańska-Grajner, Irena; Szarek-Gwiazda, Ewa; Wilk-Woźniak, Elżbieta; Kuciel, Hanna; Walusiak, Edward
2010The biodiversity of psammon rotifers in Włocławek ReservoirBielańska-Grajner, Irena; Poznańska, M.