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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Changes in the Distribution of Temperature in a Coal Deposit and the Composition of Gases Emitted during Its Heating and CoolingWięckowski, Marek; Howaniec, Natalia; Postnikov, Eugene B.; Chorążewski, Mirosław; Smoliński, Adam
2018Comparison of antioxidant capacities of different types of tea using the spectroscopy methods and semi-empirical mathematical modelBartoszek, Mariola; Polak, Justyna; Chorążewski, Mirosław
2022Prediction of the speed of sound in ionic liquids as a function of pressureJasiok, Bernadeta; Postnikov, Eugene B.; Pikalov, Ivan Yu.; Chorążewski, Mirosław
2022Subnanometer Topological Tuning of the Liquid Intrusion/Extrusion Characteristics of Hydrophobic MicroporesBusuev, Yuriy G.; Grosu, Yaroslav; Chorążewski, Mirosław; Meloni, Simone
2021The effect of surface entropy on the heat of non-wetting liquid intrusion into nanoporesLowe, Alexander R.; Wong, William S. Y.; Tsyrin, Nikolay; Chorążewski, Mirosław; Zaki, Abdelali; Geppert-Rybczyńska, Monika; Stoudenets, Victor; Tricoli, Antonio; Faik, Abdessamad; Grosu, Yaroslav
2011Thermodynamic and acoustic properties of mixtures of dibromomethane + heptanePrzybyła, Anna; Chorążewski, Mirosław; Zorębski, Edward; Marczak, Wojciech
2022Turning Molecular Springs into Nano-Shock Absorbers: The Effect of Macroscopic Morphology and Crystal Size on the Dynamic Hysteresis of Water Intrusion-Extrusion into-from Hydrophobic NanoporesZajdel, Paweł; Lowe, Alexander Rowland; Chorążewski, Mirosław; Grosu, Yaroslav