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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Environmental influence of gaseous emissions from selfheating coal waste dumps in Silesia, PolandFabiańska, Monika; Ciesielczuk, Justyna; Nadudvari, Adam; Misz-Kennan, Magdalena; Kowalski, Adam; Kruszewski, Łukasz
2021Molecular and stable isotope composition of pollutants emitted during thermal processes within the Rymer coal waste dump (Upper Silesia, Poland)Więcław, Dariusz; Jurek, Krzysztof; Fabiańska, Monika J.; Bilkiewicz, Elżbieta; Kowalski, Adam; Misz-Kennan, Magdalena; Ciesielczuk, Justyna
2015Plant occurrence on burning coal waste - a case study from the Katowice-Wełnowiec dump, PolandCiesielczuk, Justyna; Czylok, Andrzej; Fabiańska, Monika; Misz-Kennan, Magdalena
2021Selected ions and major and trace elements as contaminants in coalwaste dump water from the Lower and Upper Silesian Coal Basins (Poland)Lewińska-Preis, Lucyna; Szram, Ewa; Fabiańska, Monika; Nádudvari, Ádám; Misz-Kennan, Magdalena; Abramowicz, Ewa; Kita, Andrzej; Kruszewski, Łukasz
2021Simulated maturation by hydrous pyrolysis of bituminous coals and carbonaceous shales from the Upper Silesian and Lublin basins (Poland): Induced compositional variations in biomarkers, carbon isotopes and maceralsKotarba, Maciej J.; Słowakiewicz, Mirosława; Misz-Kennan, Magdalena; Więcław, Dariusz; Jurek, Krzysztof; Waliczek, Marta
2018Structure and thermal history of the Wełnowiec dump, Poland : a municipal dump rehabilitated with coal wastePierwoła, Jolanta; Ciesielczuk, Justyna; Misz-Kennan, Magdalena; Fabiańska, Monika; Bielińska, A.; Kruszewski, Ł.
2021The Disappearance of Coal Seams Recorded in Associated Gangue Rocks in the SW Part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin, PolandCiesielczuk, Justyna; Fabińska, Monika J.; Misz-Kennan, Magdalena; Jura, Dominik; Filipiak, Paweł; Matuszewska, Aniela
2021The influence of heating on the carbon isotope composition, organic geochemistry and petrology of coal from the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (Poland) : an experimental and field studyCiesielczuk, Justyna; Górka, Maciej; Fabiańska, Monika; Misz-Kennan, Magdalena; Jura, Dominik
2010Thermal alterations of organic matter in coal wastes from Upper Silesia, PolandMisz-Kennan, Magdalena