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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Climate and Ties in Workplace versus Sense of Danger and Stress, Based on Empirical Research in the Aviation IndustryDobrowolska, Małgorzata; Ślazyk-Sobol, Magdalena; Flakus, Maria; Deja, Agnieszka
2021Predictors of the feeling of stress in the aviation sectorŚlazyk-Sobol, Magdalena; Dobrowolska, Małgorzata; Flakus, Maria
2020Strengthening Professional Efficacy Due to Sustainable Development of Social and Individual Competences - Empirical Research Study among Polish and Slovak Employees of the Aviation SectorDobrowolska, Małgorzata; Flakus, Maria; Ślazyk-Sobol, Magdalena; Wawoczny, Adam