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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Complete QED NLO contributions to the reaction e(+)e(-) -> mu(+)mu(-)gamma and their implementation in the event generator PHOKHARACampanario, F.; Czyż, Henryk; Gluza, Janusz; Gunia, Michał; Riemann, T.; Rodrigo, G.; Yundin, V.
2011NNLO leptonic and hadronic corrections to Bhabha scattering and luminosity monitoring at meson factoriesCalame, C. C.; Czyż, Henryk; Gluza, Janusz; Gunia, Michał; Montagna, G.; Nicrosini, O.; Piccinini, F.; Riemann, T.; Worek, M.
2013Radiative corrections and accuracy tests of Monte Carlo generators used at meson factoriesGunia, Michał