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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Development of the squamate naso-palatal complex: detailed 3D analysis of the vomeronasal organ and nasal cavity in the brown anole Anolis sagrei (Squamata: Iguania)Kaczmarek, Paweł; Janiszewska, Katarzyna; Metscher, Brian; Rupik, Weronika
2020Micro-CT screening of old shell collections helps to understand the distribution of viviparity in the highly diversified clausiliid clade of land snailsSulikowska-Drozd, Anna; Duda, Piotr; Janiszewska, Katarzyna
2018Tuberculosis-like respiratory infection in 245-million-year-old marine reptile suggested by bone pathologiesSurmik, Dawid; Szczygielski, Tomasz; Janiszewska, Katarzyna; Rothschild, Bruce M.
2017Two types of bone necrosis in the middle triassic pistosaurus longaevus bones: The results of integrated studiesSurmik, Dawid; Rothschild, Bruce M.; Dulski, Mateusz; Janiszewska, Katarzyna