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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Gneiss-forming events in the Saglek Block, Labrador; a reappraisal of the Uivak gneissSałacińska, Anna; Kusiak, Monika A.; Whitehouse, Martin J.; Dunkley, Daniel J.; Wilde, Simon A.; Kielman, Ross; Król, Piotr
2019Pb nanospheres in ancient zircon yield model ages for zircon formation and Pb mobilizationLyon, Ian C.; Kusiak, Monika A.; Wirth, Richard; Whitehouse, Martin J.; Dunkley, Daniel J.; Wilde, Simon A.; Schaumlöffel, Dirk; Malherbe, Julien; Moore, Katie L.
2020Seeking the sources of dust: geochemical and magnetic studies on “cryodust” in glacial cores from Southern Spitsbergen (Svalbard, Norway)Lewandowski, Marek; Kusiak, Monika A.; Werner, Tomasz; Nawrot, Adam; Barzycka, Barbara; Laska, Michał; Luks, Bartłomiej
2020Two Neoarchean tectonothermal events on the western edge of the North Atlantic Craton, as revealed by SIMS dating of the Saglek Block, Nain Province, LabradorDunkley, Daniel J.; Kusiak, Monika A.; Wilde, Simon A.; Whitehouse, Martin J.; Sałacińska, Anna; Kielman, Ross; Konečný, Patrik