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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Evaluation of Soil Biological Quality Index (QBS-ar): Its Sensitivity and Usefulness in the Post-Mining Chronosequence - Preliminary ResearchMadej, Grażyna; Barczyk, Gabriela; Gdawiec, Monika
2011Morphological abnormalities in mites of the genera “Zecron” and “Prozecron” (Acari : Gamasina) collected near caves : preliminary resultsBarczyk, Gabriela; Madej, Grażyna
2014Possibilities of using soil microarthropods, with emphasis on mites (Arachnida, Acari, Mesostigmata), in assessment of successional stages in a reclaimed coal mine dump (Pszów, S Poland)Madej, Grażyna; Kozub, Monika
2002Roztocze mesostigmata (Arachnida, Acari) jako dobry wskaźnik stadiów sukcesyjnych hałdMadej, Grażyna