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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Ab initio study of the 57 Fe electric field gradient in (FeAl)1-xTx(T=3d element) dilute alloys with B2-type structureMichalecki, Tomasz; Hanc, Aneta; Deniszczyk, Józef; Borgieł, Władysław
2003Ab initio study of the effect of pressure on the hyperfine parameters of Fe57 in bcc phaseMichalecki, Tomasz; Deniszczyk, Józef; Frąckowiak, Janusz
2004First principles study of the isomer shift in Fe44M6Al50 (M=Ti,V,Cr,Co,Ni,Cu) alloys with B2 structureMichalecki, Tomasz; Deniszczyk, Józef; Frąckowiak, Janusz