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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Charge density waves in small metallic and superconducting ringsMaśka, Maciej M.; Czajka, Katarzyna; Mierzejewski, Marcin; Śledź, Żaneta
2008Doped carrier formulation of the t-J model : Monte Carlo study of the anisotropic caseFerraz, A.; Kochetov, E.; Maśka, Maciej M.; Mierzejewski, Marcin
2008Inhomogeneous charge distribution and superconductivity in the boson-fermion modelŚledź, Żaneta; Mierzejewski, Marcin
1998Phonon-induced and phonon-free superconductivity in correlated systems : Eliashberg equations for the two-dimensional Hubbard modelMierzejewski, Marcin; Zieliński, Janusz; Entel, P.
2001Phonon-induced superconductivity in the presence of the charge-density-wave pseudogap : strong-coupling descriptionCebula, Anna; Mierzejewski, Marcin
2004Pseudogap and vortices in high-temperature superconductorsMaśka, Maciej M.; Mierzejewski, Marcin
2006Stochastic resonance and resonant enhancement of magnetic flux in periodically driven mesoscopic cylindersŁuczka, Jerzy; Dajka, Jerzy; Mierzejewski, Marcin; Hanggi, P.
2008Superconductivity in the Penson-Kolb model on a triangular latticePtok, Andrzej; Mierzejewski, Marcin
2003Superconductivity in the stripe phase magnetic propertiesMaśka, Maciej M.; Mierzejewski, Marcin
2010The Falicov-Kimball Model in External Magnetic Field : Orbital EffectsWróbel, Maciej; Mierzejewski, Marcin; Maśka, Maciej M.
2004Upper critical field for cobalt oxide superconductorsMierzejewski, Marcin; Maśka, Maciej M.; Andrzejewski, B.
2001Upper critical field in a stripe-phaseMierzejewski, Marcin; Maśka, Maciej M.
2006Vortex properties in a model with local pairsŚledź, Żaneta; Mierzejewski, Marcin; Maśka, Maciej M.