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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015In Silico analysis of the genes encoding proteins that are involved in the biosynthesis of the RMS/MAX/D pathway revealed new roles of strigolactones in plantsMarzec, Marek; Muszyńska, Aleksandra
2014Increased symplasmic permeability in barley root epidermal cells correlates with defects in root hair developmentMarzec, Marek; Muszyńska, Aleksandra; Melzer, Michael J.; Sas-Nowosielska, Hanna; Kurczyńska, Ewa
2014Plasma membrane and cell wall properties of an aspen hybrid (Populus tremula × tremuloides) parenchyma cells under the influence of salt stressMuszyńska, Aleksandra; Jarocka, Katarzyna; Kurczyńska, Ewa
2013The role of strigolactones in nutrient-stress responses in plantsMarzec, Marek; Muszyńska, Aleksandra; Gruszka, Damian