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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Influence of crystallite size on the magnetic order in semiconducting ZnCr2Se4 nanoparticlesMalicka, Ewa; Karolus, Małgorzata; Groń, Tadeusz; Gudwański, Adrian; Ślebarski, Andrzej; Goraus, Jerzy; Oboz, Monika; Sawicki, Bogdan; Panek, Joanna
2016Structure studies on mechanically alloyed Ni50Ti50-xMox (x = 10, 25, 40 at.%) systems during milling and after annealingPanek, Joanna; Karolus, Małgorzata; Piasecki, Karol
2014Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of CuCr1:65Se4 NanoparticlesMaciążek, Ewa; Panek, Joanna; Kubisztal, Marian; Karolus, Małgorzata; Groń, Tadeusz; Duda, Henryk
2011The corrosion resistance of zinc-nickel composite coatingsPanek, Joanna; Bierska-Piech, Bożena; Karolus, Małgorzata