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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A quantitative report on the impact of chloride on the kinetic coefficients of auxin-induced growth : a numerical contribution to the "acid growth hypothesis"Pietruszka, Mariusz; Haduch-Sendecka, Aleksandra
2016Application of the effective formula of growth functional to quantitative description of growth of plant cellsZajdel, Paweł; Pietruszka, Mariusz; Haduch-Sendecka, Aleksandra
2021Application of time-series regularity metrics to ion flux data from a population of pollen tubesPietruszka, Mariusz
2008Central limit theorem and the short-term temperature response of coleoptile and hypocotyl elongation growthLewicka, Sylwia; Pietruszka, Mariusz
1999Chemical potential derivative as hallmark for phase transitionsPietruszka, Mariusz; Matlak, Michał
2000Chemical potential evidence for phase transitions in magnetic and superconducting compounds and alloysMatlak, Michał; Pietruszka, Mariusz
9-Sep-2019Chemical Potential‑Induced Wall State Transitions in Plant Cell GrowthPietruszka, Mariusz
2009Derivation of the formula for the filtration coefficient by application of Poiseuille's law in membrane transportJarzyńska, Maria; Pietruszka, Mariusz
2021Dynamic entropy of human bloodPietruszka, Mariusz
2016Effective diffusion rates and cross-correlation analysis of "acid growth" dataPietruszka, Mariusz; Haduch-Sendecka, Aleksandra
2001Experimental detection of phase transitions by means of the chemical potential measurmentMatlak, Michał; Pietruszka, Mariusz; Rówiński, Edward
2020Extracellular ionic fluxes suggest the basis for cellular life at the 1/f ridge of extended criticalityPietruszka, Mariusz; Olszewska, Monika
2015Ion frequency landscape in growing plantsPietruszka, Mariusz; Haduch-Sendecka, Aleksandra
2009Mathematical model for tissue stresses in growing plant cells and organsLewicka, Sylwia; Pietruszka, Mariusz
1988Mathematical modelling of light-induced electric reaction of Cucurbita pepo L. LeavesStolarek, Jan; Karcz, Waldemar; Pietruszka, Mariusz
2019Modified Bohm’s theory for abstruse measurements: application to layer depth profiling using auger spectroscopyRówiński, Edward; Pietruszka, Mariusz
2000Numerical investigation of action potential transmission in platnsPietruszka, Mariusz; Pazurkiewicz-Kocot, Krystyna
2012Persistent Symmetry Frustration in Pollen TubesPietruszka, Mariusz; Lipowczan, Marcin; Geitmann, Anja
2014Power spectrum, growth velocities and cross-correlations of longitudinal and transverse oscillations of individual Nicotiana tabacum pollen tubeHaduch-Sendecka, Aleksandra; Pietruszka, Mariusz; Zajdel, Paweł
2013Pressure-induced cell wall instability and growth oscillations in pollen tubesPietruszka, Mariusz