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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Climatic conditions at Arctowski Station (King George Island, West Antarctica) in 2013–2017 against the background of regional changesPlenzler, Joanna; Budzik, Tomasz; Puczko, Dariusz; Bialik, Robert J.
2011Snow distribution patterns on Svalbard glaciers derived from radio-echo soundingsGrabiec, Mariusz; Puczko, Dariusz; Budzik, Tomasz; Gajek, Grzegorz
2012Surface and bed morphology of hansbreen, a tidewater glacier in SpitsbergenGrabiec, Mariusz; Jania, Jacek; Puczko, Dariusz; Kolondra, Leszek; Budzik, Tomasz
2013Variability of temperature and thickness of permafrost active layer at coastal sites of SvalbardDolnicki, Piotr; Grabiec, Mariusz; Puczko, Dariusz; Gawor, Łukasz; Budzik, Tomasz; Klementowski, Jan