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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Application of Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves to S-Phase Wave Anisotropy EstimationStan-Kłeczek, Iwona; Mendecki, Maciej J.
2019Application of the ERT to recognise the geological structure of frost‑riven cliffs localised in the Skalny Potok (Hrubý Jeseník Mts.)Stan-Kłeczek, Iwona; Stan, Dominika
2015Comparison of seismic sources for shallow seismic : sledgehammer and pyrotechnicsBrom, Aleksander; Stan-Kłeczek, Iwona
2017The Changes of P-Wave Velocity of Rock Samples Over TimeStan-Kłeczek, Iwona; Idziak, Adam
2018The study of elastic properties and chemical composition of selected rocksHerber, Sandra; Stan-Kłeczek, Iwona
2016The study of the elastic properties of carbonate rocks on a base of laboratory and field measurementStan-Kłeczek, Iwona
2019Uncertainty based multi-step seismic analysis for near-surface imagingMarciniak, Artur; Stan-Kłeczek, Iwona; Idziak, Adam; Majdański, Mariusz
2010Wpływ spękań na anizotropię prędkości fal sejsmicznych w wybranych masywach skalnychStan-Kłeczek, Iwona