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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A room with a view : the monostratal view with some room for derivationsSzcześniak, Konrad
2017Benefits of L1-L3 similarities the case of the dative caseSzcześniak, Konrad
2019Reading the reading of the gerund: the share of non-eventive interpretations of -ing nominalsPtok, Aleksandra; Szcześniak, Konrad
2001Sekrety języka ojczystego i obcegoSzcześniak, Konrad
2009"The end identifies the means" : unexpressed objects and path phrasesSzcześniak, Konrad; Janik, Radosław
2014The Meaning of constructions : the Cognitive denial of the lexicon-syntax divisionSzcześniak, Konrad